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Linda Windsor Apologizes to Her Readers

Christian writer Linda Windsor, author of Wedding Bell Blues, asks bloggers to spread the word of her heartfelt apologies regarding two regrettable errors in her novel, Wedding Bell Blues. Please read and pass on Linda's apologies.

Linda says, "When called to my attention, I didn't at first believe it. I didn't remember my hero having a Rhett Butler moment when he said, "D_mn, I still love you, Alex." And while I'd written unsaved character Sue Ann exclaiming, "Oh my g_wd!" with the intent of convicting Sue Ann of its blasphemy in her own book #4, I changed her mind after discussing it with my editor and deleted those occurences rather than offend anyone. Well, I missed one. The GOOD NEWS is that these have been removed from future printings and book club issues.

"To anyone who read Wedding Bell Blues and was offended, my humble apologies. I'd written this book after my husband died and during those months of brain fog, I almost stopped writing because it was so hard to put coherent thought together. Then I turned it in months late, which put my publisher in a bind as far as getting the usual multiple editings. This was the result. Granted, I must have written these blunders or they would not have been there. For that, I can only ask for your forgiveness and understanding."---Linda


Kelly Mortimer Writing Classes

Christian Agent, Kelly Mortimer, one of the tops at selling manuscripts -
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The first topic starts later today on the query letter. Here's what she says about it:

I'll be doing FREE Online classes on a wide selection of topics within
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I'll start at the beginning. The Query Letter.

The first Monday of the month is a Q&A, where I'll answer any burning
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Please distribute this message to all loops, and any human with a
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Warmest regards,

Kelly L. Mortimer
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