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Book Review "A Bride Most Begrudging" by DeeAnne Gist

Review of DeeAnne Gist's "A Bride Most Begrudging."

I am reading a wonderful Christian Fiction Romance by DeeAnne Gist. (See her website at
I remember LOVING Harlequin romances! My sister and I read at least 3 or 4 per week! And I loved Barbara Cartland's romance novels. (Wasn't Barbara Cartland Princess Diana's step-grandmother? I think so, I'll have to research that!)
But when I got married and had children, I felt had to get serious about life. And my husband dived into his career . . . No more romantic daybreak-picnic's on Sicilian beaches to watch the sunrise over the Mediterrean Sea, . . . (Gosh. Did that really happen? or did I just read about it?) Anyway, I put away romance novels to get on with life.
Maybe that wasn't a good thing. Perhaps reading romantic novels helps keep romance alive in marriage? Perhaps reading a good romance pulls the same heart strings attached to memories of dating and falling in love with one's husband? If so, then that's a good thing. I'm no marriage counselor, but (if your marriage is good to begin with) I recommend DeeAnne Gist's "A Bride Most Begrudging" to stir your romantic feelings for your husband.
I believe "Bride" is DeeAnne's first novel. She said it was in the works for three years. Each time she attended a writer's conference, she rewrote it. Her efforts paid off. It's currently number 15 on CBA's Best Seller List.
"A Bride Most Begrudging" is about a young woman, Lady Constance Morrow, who was abducted and brought to the Virginia tobacco colonies in the 1600's and sold to be the wife of a colonist- for tobacco. DeeAnne said she got the plot idea from 1600's passenger lists of ships setting sail for Virginia. There actually was a woman abducted in England, brought to America against her will and sold to a Virginia colonist for tobacco! DeeAnne began pondering what that must have been like and developed the idea into "Bride."
DeeAnne's novel is a Christian romance selected by Bethany House for their Edgy romance category. Her characters are likeable, have high moral standards and strong Christian faith without being "preachy."
You'll enjoy reading a novel where you can fall in love again along with the couple, and feel confident they wouldn't do anything you wouldn't do yourself. . . or worse, something you wouldn't want your daughter to do!
I've asked DeeAnne for an interview to include with this review. Hopefully, she'll have time in her busy schedule to answer the questions I sent to her. So, stay tuned - and read her books! "A Bride Most Begrudging," available now from Bethany House Publications, or from And watch for "Sunbonnet Women," her newest-not yet released- romance about women who went to California during the 1840s Gold Rush!

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