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Pink by Marilynn Griffith

Marilynn Griffith's newest book, Pink, is not only entertaining, but you'll learn something about yourself within its pages. Read Marilynn's books, but also spend time at her website Marilynn is is someone you'd like to have as a friend. She invites you to sample receipes for chocolate baths, challenges you to join her in Bible study, and lists many wonderful Christian mission sites to read and pray about.

As my Gram loves to say, everyday glamour never goes out of style. So have a little fun and grab a great skirt. Maybe even a pink one...
--Raya Joseph, Garments of Praise Fashion Design,
PINK, Shades of Style #1, excerpted from Pink, Marilynn Griffith's newest book.

Dana Rose is single, saved and trying to survive, despite all the crystal candleholders on her VISA bill. Are newlyweds everywhere playing Clue? After ten stints as bridesmaid, Dana thinks she's seen it all. Will wedding number eleven show her what she's made of? Excerpted from Marilynn Griffith's new book, Maid of Honor.


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Thanks for this!


Bonnie Calhoun said...

Thanks for the visit Vicki. Come by any time.

Marilynn is a wonderful woman of the Lord and her writing is just what women need for a laugh, a cry, and an all around good read.

I see you know Michael Aubrecht. I remember him from His writes very well and is dedicated to the craft.

Marci said...

Hi Vicki - thanks for leaving the note on my blog. Like yours a lot.