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Select the correct answer according to AP Style book:

1. V-J Day and V-E Day can be used vice-a-versa; that is, they are used interchangeably for the end of WWII.
a. Change V-J Day and V-E Day to V.J. Day and V.E. Day
b. Change vice-a-versa to vice versa
c. Both a and b.
d. No changes, correct as written.

2. Both the Mississippi and Missouri Valleys lie on the 25th parallel along with Virginia, the Virgin Islands and Vietnam.
a. Change Mississippi and Missouri Valleys to Mississippi and Missouri valleys.
b. Change the Virgin Islands to The Virgin Islands
c. Change Vietnam to Viet Nam.
d. Both a. and c.
e. Correct as written.

3. The very Reverend Jesse Jackson vied for a videotex data system belonging to Vermont’s chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
a. Change The very Reverend Jesse Jackson to The Very Reverend Jesse Jackson.
b. Change Videotex to either videotext or teletext.
c. Change Vermont’s chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to Vermont’s chapter of the VFW.
d. Correct as written.

4. Dr. Vandyke said Vitamin B-12 and Valium are effective in the fight against vulgar venereal diseases.
a. Change Vitamin B-12 to vitamin B-12
b. Change Valium to valium
c. Both a. and b.
d. Correct as written.

5. The Viscount preferred a Victrola verses a videocassette recorder, or was that vice versa?
a. Change Viscount to viscount
b. Change Victrola verses a videocassette recorder to victrola vs. a VCR.
d. Change verses to versus
e. Correct as written

6. In Vietnam's villages, the Vietcong preferred vienna bread, vienna coffee and vienna sausages to vitamin A shipments from Virginia.
a. Change Vietcong to Viet Cong
b. Vienna should be capitalized in all cases.
c. both a and b
d. Correct as written.

7. Volkswagen of America, Inc.'s stockholders gave its company’s vice president VIP treatment when they presented him with a company VTOL.
a. Change Company’s vice president to company’s Vice-president
b. Change VIP treatment to very important person’s treatment as first reference.
c. Change VTOL to vertical takeoff aircraft because VTOL is acceptable only on second reference.
d. both b. and c.
e. Correct as written

8. Volunteers in Service to America thought Vice President Al Gore’s vote-getting tabulating amounted to the same thing as “voodoo economics” or so one VISTA member voiced while viscerally vying for Vandyke’s bottle of Valium and vitamins.
a. Change Volunteers in Service to America to VISTA because the full name is never used.
b. Change Vice President Al Gore to Al Gore, VIP, since he is no longer the vice president.
c. Delete One VISTA member voiced vernacularly—because she shouldn’t be voicing anything vernacularly, especially about Al Gore’s vote-getting tabulating! The idea of it! Hmmp!
e. Delete One VISTA member voicing vernacularly on any subject about the former VIP Al Gore; she should be ashamed of herself for her audacity, and for taking poor Viscount Vandyke’s bottle of Valium. It ought to be illegal.
f. Change nothing, it's beautifully written.

Answers to be posted as soon as I find them.....

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